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Bread Board  Short Wave Home Radio  Décor Style

The Only Radio That Keeps You Current On Global News And Events...
Our HandCrafted High Fidelity Bread Board Short Wave Entertainment Furnishing, Delightfully Captures Radio BroadCasts From Countries World Wide, In All Dialects.  

Atwater Kent® Used Per License

Recieve Radio Bands From
15-120 Meters

Reception Range Over
12,000 Miles

"Hear Life As It Happens"
Through The Exquisite Sound Quality, Of The Wooden Three Tear Base Speaker and Brass Horn. Our Instant On, Four Vacuum Tube Layout, Balanced With Our In House Wrinkle Finish Input and Output Transformers Delivers Clear Definition, As You Adjust The "Dog Houses" Precision Double Dial Tuners, Equipped With Smaller Dial Reduction Knobs For Fine Tuning and Signal Hold.  The Three Sets Of Tickler Coils (supplied) Increase Range and Sensitivity Of Long Distance Broadcast Signals, As The Fierce "Lions Den" Battery Eliminator Power Supply Roars Its' Way Through The Aerial Antenna Pawing, At All Intelligible Signals (not pictured) .  We Recommend A Long Aerial Antenna, To Increase Range But, A Short Antenna May Be Used As Well. Any 120 volt A\C Household Outlet May Be Used For The Wrinkle Finish Battery Eliminator, As An Easy Set Up, To Complement Our Delightfully Stained, Sealed Grain Varnish Hand Buffed Mirror Finish Oak Bread Board.  This Will Keep Anyone Entertained For Hours, As It May Be Handed Down As A
Family Heirloom For Generations To Enjoy.  All Radio Packages Includes A 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.  Building Your Own Custom Sets Are Always Welcomed, As You Become Part Of The KM Lifestyle.

 Automotive Radio A.M.\F.M.\Mp3    Lions Den" Battery Eliminator 
 Model 21 A.M Radio                               Model AK - 47 A.M \F.M \MP3 Restoration Preservation Home Radio     Restoration Pres. Mp3 Upgrade
  Speakers                               Wrikle A.M\F.M.\Mp3 Radio 

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