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"Experience The Difference"

High Fidelity   A.M. Home Radio Bread Board Décor Style

Listen To All Sensitive A.M. Stations With Precision and Clarity
 That All Other Radios Clearly Miss...
These Beautifully HandCrafted Radios Have Inspired Many To, Become What We Believe, May Be The New Standard Of Performance.

Atwater Kent® Used Per License

Our Bread Board Line Of Vacuum Tube Radios Expose The Inner World Of True Quality Married With Morden Art.  The Instant On Five Vacuum Tube Layout, Receives Radio Bands From 500-1750 Kilocycles Achievable By, Our In House Wrinkle Finish Matched Transformers, As it Amplifies The T.R.F. Reception Range Over 1200 Miles.  The Wrinkle Finish "Dog House" Single Master Control Dial Permits Ease Of Operation and Pin Point Accuracy, As The Manual Reduction Dial Knob (tunes more stations that are lost)  Locks Onto The Half Cycles Signals, The Volume \ Tone Knob (front Left), Helps Control The Hi - Fi Sound Through Our Exquisite Wrinkle Finish Metal Base Horn Speaker, Achieving That Live Sound.  The "Lions Den" Battery Eliminator Power Supply (not pictured) May Use Any 120 volt A\C Household Outlet, As It Compliments The Radio Set By Its' Distinctive Construction and Ease Of Use.  We Recommend A Long Aerial Antenna, To Increase Range But, A Short Antenna May Be Used As WellAll Radio Packages Includes A 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.  Building Your Own Custom Sets Are Always Welcomed, As You Become Part Of The KM Lifestyle, For Generations To Enjoy.

 Automotive Radio A.M.\F.M.\Mp3      "Lions Den" Battery Eliminator 
Model 17 Short Wave Radio                    Model AK - 47 A.M \F.M \MP3
 Restoration Preservation Home Radio       Restoration Preservation A.M.\Mp3
                                     Wrinkle A.M\F.M.\Mp3 Radio 

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