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AK - 47 
High Fidelity  Home Radio  Bread Board Décor Style
A.M. \ F.M.   CD \ Mp3 \ PC \ Cell Phone Etc...   Compatable

HandCrafted  & Built In Our Facilities...
This Radio Has Everything You Could Want In A Home Entertainment Furnishing.  Symphonic HD Analog Sound At Its' Purest Sense, Exquisite Style and Ambiance All Intertwined With 21st. Century Cutting Edge Circuitry Technology.

Officially Licensed By Atwater Kent®

This Collector Series Vacuum Tube Amplifier Set Is All 100% American Made Real Working Vacuum Tube Radio Set, White Oak Bread Board Sealed Grain With Varnish, Hand Buffed To A High Luster Mirror Finish.  The Single Dial Tuning Knob Compliments The Wrinkle Finish "Dog House" Along With Push Button A.M. \ F.M. Volume Control, Tone \ Bass Knob,  The  Four Vacuum Tube Lay Out Design, Coupled Up With Our In House Brand Of  Input And Output Wrinkle Finish Transformers, Packs A Phenomenal Ear Pleasing Sound, Through The 8" Steel Speaker.  The Tamed Wrinkle Finish "Lions Den" Battery Eliminator Powers The Radio Set, Through Any A\C Household Outlet 120 Volt Therefor, Allowing  D\C Current To Energize The Tubes For A Trouble Free Operation Without Batteries (battery sets optional).  Our Discretely  Hidden 3.5mm Input Plug and Play Jack (located in the lower right hand corner)  Permits You Countless Options, For Listening Devices Or Amplification Purposes.  Little Or No Antenna Aerial Is Required Due to Our Specialize Circuity.  All Radio Packages Includes A 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.  Building Your Own Custom Sets Are Always Welcomed, As You Become Part Of The KM Lifestyle.

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