KM LifeStyle Mfg. 
"Experience The Difference"

Rebuild Services
If you Have A Box Full Of Parts, Chances Are! We Can Rebuild It!!

A Small Sample Of Our Rebuilding Abilities...
Cut Outs
Dash Gauges
Door Jam Switches
Fuel Tank Sending Units
Glove Box Switches
Head Light Switches
Hydrostatic Gauges
.Ignition Coils (switches)
Ignition Condenser
Ignition Rotors
Ignition Switches
Radios (Tube Type Only) 
Temperature Sending Unit
.Vacuum Advances
Vacuum Tanks
.Voltage Regulators 6 & 12volt
.Wiper Motors (Electric, Vacuum)
.Water Pumps  

Please, Call Us If You Have A Piece Not Mention and Would Like To Have Rebuilt.
(508) 792-9500

 A.M \ F.M. \ Mp3 Home Radio             Machine Services 
 Automotive Radio A.M.\F.M.\Mp3      Restoration Preservation Mp3
 Electrical Services                                      Temperature Senders 
 Fresh Manufacture            
                       Vacuum Advance
 Fuel Senders                                              Voltage Regulators
 Ignition Coils                                             Voltage Splitter            

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